A Reminder That “Sea of Solitude” Is Strikingly Beautiful

Revealed last year, Sea of Solitude was a game I remember seeing, but for one reason or another, I just didn’t commit to memory.

Sea of Solitude follows a young girl, Kay, as she explores a colorful post-apocalyptic world in which she faces monsters, herself, the environment, and something much more dangerous.

“What happens when we’re faced with extreme loneliness?”

This is the kind of question German developer Joe-Mei wants players to face. You’ll be tasked with finding out what exactly happened to Kay, and how to revert the process that has turned her into a shell of her former self.

Some things players will do:

  • Explore a flooded, strikingly beautiful world.
  • Learn about Kay, the monsters, and her environment through exploration.
  • Be able to control the water levels (maybe for environmental puzzle-based gameplay?)

Here are 7 GIFs that show off the unique art style:








Sea of Solitude is part of EA’s EA Originals program.


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