[UPDATE: It’s out! Called Nintendo Switch] Nintendo Tells Internet To Pay Attention (NX News)

In a tweet by Nintendo’s official Twitter account. The company all but stood on the rooftops and yelled, “pay attention to us!”

Apparently not deterred by Rockstar’s eminent, potentially internet-breaking trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, Nintendo is set to release a 3-minute’ish teaser trailer revealing the NX.

My guess?

They’ll show just enough to wet the internet’s collective appetite and get NeoGAF in a Mario-induced frenzy.

I, for one, am excited. But I’m not exactly sure why Nintendo decided out of the LITERALLY thousands of images of Mario they have, they picked this one:


Really, Nintendo? Like, c’mon.

Here is our fist look at Nintendo Switch:

  1. Battery life will either be godly or just down right suck ass (hopefully it supports USB battery packs).
  2. That super tiny D-Pad is adorbs.



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