I Wont Be Buying Metal Gear Solid 5 on September 1, Here’s Why

Most of you probably have September 1 marked on your calendars due to the inevitable release of Kojima’s last hoorah, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. I for one, will be standing in line for another game. One I got to play at E3, one you definitely should not miss if you’re a fan of […]


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Hellblade Gamescom 2015 Trailer Focuses on the Game’s Protagonist

A brand new trailer for Ninja Theory’s psychological action game Hellblade has been released at Gamescom. The trailer focuses on the game’s female protagonist, Senua. Senua is a young Celtic warrior who struggles with her mental state as she battles a horrible Viking invasion. Hellblade is touting itself as a journey into how the mind would handle the horrors […]

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Deadpool Red Band Trailer Releases

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock during the last 48 hours, the new Deadpool trailer dropped. That’s right, no more fuzzy leaked Comic-Con footage for this guy! To make this even sweeter, not one but two trailers were released–a Red Band trailer for mature audiences, and a normal one intended for your little sister. […]

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Need for Speed Gamescom Trailer

Man, one thing is for certain–EA can put on one hell of a presentation when they want to. Below is the trailer for this year’s take on Need For Speed. I think it’s obvious EA’s trying to capture some of that Need for Speed: Underground magic. Night time? Check. Slick roads? Check. Live motion video? Check. A directionless […]

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